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Wontok for Education

The importance of cyber security in today’s digitally-driven world can no longer be overlooked, and businesses across all industries need to implement a comprehensive, integrated cyber security solution that will protect all facets of business, including web, network, cloud, and end points.

Device Protection

We protect users’ personal devices through state-of-the-art antivirus, security system, and intrusion detection technologies to safeguard against online threats.

Smart Devices Protection

Protects connected learning devices as well as student’s personal smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Student Protection

Delivers best in class protection across all learning devices, personal smartphones, tablets, and laptops that are operating on the school’s Wi-Fi network.)

Protect students.
Manage content.
Empower parents and families

Get the protection experience students and schools deserve in the Wontok Program. With personalized and exclusive deals, all they need to remain protected online – It’s safe, it’s easy.

At home

Toileted protection for kids, teens and parents from harmful content and cybercrime. Install on users device(s), restrict access to illegal and adult content, and block phishing, fraud, and other malicious websites. Restricted illegal and adult content includes drugs and narcotics, pornography, weapons and violence, illegal file sharing, gambling, online dating, and more.

On the go

Our cloud-based solutions are as mobile as children are. Wherever they go, and on any network, the protection follows.

At Schools

Wontok solutions work seamlessly with school filtering. Settings can be applied to manage learning devices and personal
smartphones, tablets, and laptops wherever children use them.

Social Media

We believe that all connections have a significant impact on our happiness and mental health. Social Media have an essential
role in how we connected and interact with friends and loved ones nowadays.
A social media channel that doesn’t sell data to third parties don’t display toxic content and is the perfect solution to keep families and kids happy and mentally healthy.

Easy to set-up and securely manage, all solutions allows schools and parents to have the confidence that their children are protected online.


The apps suggests profiles to help ensure maximum protection for each user.